We offer you Business Online Banking to make your transactions with comfort, security and ease, from any order.

You will have an essential tool for daily business management related to bank activity. After all, it is another branch of Laboral Kutxa, which you will have 24 hours a day at your service.

Full service

  • Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • It can be used from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Always using the latest security and latest technology.
  • Consultation service: 902 333 353, from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:00.

Operations that can be carried out on the Companies Online Bank

Operations that can be carried out on the Companies Online Bank

The Online Bank allows you to perform numerous operations to meet all your financial needs.

In queries, there are eleven options: view positions or account features, last year movements, information on movements based on concepts, movement search, moving to Excel format, credit card consumption, comparative analysis of cards made …

On the other hand, it allows for the following operations: transfers, FMA transfers on a day-to-day basis through the Bank of Spain, external payments, requests for documentary credits, advance claims, repayments, file management, recruitment of paid Laboral Kutxa, assigning effects …

In sum, it allows you to carry out daily business operations.

Manage payments and payments through files

Manage payments and payments through files

In the Online Business Bank, you will find the tools to make payments and payments through files related to the US regulations. You can create files that are specially prepared in recording modules or transmit files that were previously created in your applications.

  • Manage payments through files:
    • Paying to suppliers
    • payroll payroll
    • make transfers
  • Managing Collections by File:
    • debit bills (receipts)
    • credit advances
    • commercial effects

Paying to Suppliers

To manage payments made through files, it is necessary to emphasize the Paying System of Suppliers. The company is issuing a file that receives payments to suppliers, and Laboral Kutxa is responsible for managing them.

  • Payment is as follows:
    • through transfer
    • through certified payment
    • by bank check

Through Online Banking, you can check payment orders for providers and suppliers can choose and advance their respective transfers.

  • Advantages for the customer:
    • It eliminates the administrative tasks carried out in the payment department.
    • It allows you to access the payment order in the company accounting system.
    • Improves customer relations.
    • Controlling and tracking payments made helps.
  • Advantages for the Supplier:
    • Funding is always available, because the advanced commands can be selected online.
    • It allows you to quickly and safely charge.
    • It reduces the administrative tasks resulting from the management of the collections.

You need to hire Online Banking in your branch. They will give you the inputs.

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